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Your list of devices inadvertently highlights the failure of the Microsoft Surface to be an ideal device serving the best of both worlds.If it were so great at being a tablet and so great at being a laptop then you wouldn't need all these other devices you mention.
Such a device already exists, the ModBooks.I believe if Apple felt such a market was worthwhile it would have already bought the company that makes ModBooks.
OS X does come with handwriting recognition built in: you need to plug a digitising tablet into the Mac for the Ink handwriting option to be revealed in OS X:     The crucial point is that Ink has been a feature of OS X before the creation of iPhone and iPad. If Apple felt OS X was suitable for phone and tablet use then they would have saved themselves a lot of development time and resource by using OS X rather than creating iOS.   Those who want the full OS X...
 Siemens AG is a conglomerate which sold off its loss-making mobile phone division:Wikipedia entry on Siemens MobileBBC News: Siemens sells mobile-phone unit
 I believe you're failing to comprehend the several meanings of the word consume and therefore the meaning of kent's post and my reply. One definition of consume is the act of  taking food for nourishment.  You don't eat air by absorbing it into your digestive tract, you inhale it. Another definition of consume is  to use something to the point where it's changed or no longer usable or available.The nitrogen people inhale isn't used, it merely comes out again, unchanged...
Excuse me?Admittedly thanks to brownian motion etc, there's an equilibrium between nitrogen gas entering and leaving the bloodstream within the lungs.Nevertheless it's unchanged as nitrogen gas isn't used by metabolic processes in the body, i.e. what I had stated. by Martin Lawrence M.D. Specializes in: Pulmonary/Critical Care
As you're a stickler for being accurate kent909 is correct, your body consumes the oxygen in the sense that it removes some of it from the air you inhale; your body isn't interested in the nitrogen and it's exhaled unchanged. And your body will make use of that Cvs oxygen unless you hold your breath the entire time you're in the store.
 It is true in a sense, they have closed the door on those who wish to pay with NFC Apple Pay, VISA Pay Wave or MasterCard PayPass.I suspect neither VISA nor MasterCard aren't happy about this development. Those retailers are saying "We don't consider your money and your custom worth our while". They favor a system which can throw discounts and promotions at the customer.Yet discounts and promotions demonstrate a lack of confidence that someone will purchase from your...
Your self-confession? Everybody who wishes to live has no choice but to consume oxygen, water and food.An undeniable fact whatever you think.So we are all consumers unless you're someone who grows all their own food and has their own water source.
 As human beings every single one of us consumes, consumes, consumes:oxygen, water, food. The day we stop is the day we're dead. Therefore it's our fundamental nature to consume.
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