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"An iPad, an iPad, my Surface for an iPad!" Richard III
 Because you said iOS 6 users didn't have a reason to upgrade; you didn't say I (Riss) didn't have a reason to upgrade. My posts pointed to several reasons why iOS 6 users would upgrade.  Most devices are now upgraded. Can you happily accept that you're in the minority?It's not the first time you've posted complaining about how the iOS and OS X interface looks.Personally I wouldn't mind if a tool or device had the most garish, day-glo surreal colours if it helped me with...
 No, but focus is a great solution, as the success of Steve Jobs and Apple will testify.It's as much about what you leave out as what you include. Edward Snowden is relevant to this thread as his actions revealed how the government agencies compromised the security of email services.Obama isn't relevant as it's likely the government agency activity would have persisted (continues to persist?) whoever was incumbent in government or indeed, governments. Another reason why...
You get your facts wrong and then call me a twat; maybe the truth hurts and you're lashing out at someone who has publicly shown you to be wrong.Yes, people are entitled to do what they want with their devices provided it doesn't harm others.Some people buy iPhones just to smash them up with a hammer or put them in a blender.Others choose not to upgrade, I'm fine and can live with all that.The fact is though, iOS 7 introduced some new features and capabilities, it wasn't...
No new features in OS 7?Gosh you are ignorant of what iOS7 is about!I'd say iOS 7 is worth upgrading to for the Control Centre and new Safari alone!Here's the link about iOS7 so that you can clue up!https://www.apple.com/uk/ios/features/
Well you can feel much better for yourself and not be a loser by doing something more constructive than trolling Internet forums.
I wonder why Apple needed a five day delay between the USA launch and the worldwide launch of the 16GB iPod?   Was the weekend just past a special USA holiday weekend and Apple wanted to pick up some early sales?   I am aware the fourth of July is coming real soon now!
With all the noise in this thread has anybody noticed the new 16GB model is available only in the USA?   Furthermore many of the European online Apple stores either refer only to the 32/64GB models or list the old 16GB model as unavailable.
 This statement alone inclines me to disbelieve this report.What performance difference is Kuo referring to when the only difference between the two Macbook Airs are the SDXC slot, screen size and battery size?
 I think pmcd was typing the first thing that came to his head and/or simply doesn't know enough about mobile tech, otherwise he'd know that what he was suggesting had already been tried and failed: Rabbit PhoneHistory lessons for wireless networks The original poster should also know that wifi calling is coming to the iPhones in iOS 8. T-Mobile confirms support for Wi-Fi calling on iPhones running iOS 8 So once there it's up to the mobile networks to implement it: EE...
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