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Sadly it seems it's all they're capable of doing.
 as if you actually cared... from "Foxconn may replace 'iPhone 6' assembly line workers with 'Foxbot' robots.
Speak for yourself, I hope you don't work in a career that is time dependent or relies on timetables such as healthcare, transport or even the military.
[quote name="anantksundaram" 'Every major airline'? Try finding on Passbook (just naming some of the bigger international ones, FYI) KLM/Air France, Southwest, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Virgin Airlines, LAN-TAM, Qantas, Korean Air, Are Lingus, Ryanair, China Air, SAS....[/quote] KLM, Air France, Virgin Atlantic, Qantas and SAS do have Passbook enabled apps; maybe they're not available in your region for some reason.
Coin with its connected credit card is introducing a steam engine in the age of the electric mag-lev train. Those countries like the US which persist in using outdated, easily compromised technology, are a liability to account holders in chip and pin countries:  Chip and Pin cards still have the legacy mag stripe to support the laggard countries, it is known that thieves steal chip and pin cards then travel to non Chip and pin countries to use the swipe to withdraw funds...
 Now you're putting words into my mouth, I'm not rooting for Tizen or even iOS.Even if I were rooting for a particular OS it's out of my hands as I'm not involved in OS design, promotion or marketing. Google is not a charity, it's in the business of making money and it created Android with a view to creating money.The question is how efficient and intelligent it is in this pursuit. It's all very well that Android is hackable and widely used in various devices including...
 Defense and Medical Systems running on Android???!!!I'd be weary to the extreme of such systems, is there even a version of Android certified and indemnified for safety-critical use? I fail to comprehend what advantage Android brings to such systems over the already established OSes with a proven record such as the various Linux and Unix systems, QNX or even Windows Server.
 Actually, this is my exact experience with the budget Sony Xperia tipo.Bought it for 90 pounds in 2012 with 4.0.3 ice cream sandwich.It can't be updated to KitKat, no updates forthcoming from Sony.Loads of apps preinstalled which eat precious memory and can't be removed:eBay, Facebook, Amazon Music player etc.Not only can't they be removed but their updates eat into the memory as well. Google Play Services also being updated, again eating into the phone memory. Now the...
 The majority of people in the world don't have a flush toilet.The fact more people use Android doesn't mean it's a better OS than iOS or others.
 You said don't, which is a contraction of do not, which is in the present tense, referring to events that are happening now or are current, such as the Samsung "wall hugger" ads or the Apple "you're more powerful than you think" adverts.Compare this to the past tense, referring to events in history, such as the Apple "I'm a PC and I'm a Mac" campaign.I felt obliged to helpfully give you an english lesson seeing how you helpfully obliged me with a lesson that Apple makes...
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