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These people are even cheaper than Google: https://hubic.com/en/offers/ €1 ($1.40) a month for 100 GB €10 a month for 10 TB compared to Google's $100 (€72) for the same capacity.
 It is just you.I've found several features which iOS 7 offer, the control centre, AirDrop, the new features with Safari and iCloud, the blocking of nuisance calls and messages, to be of immediate practical benefit for me over iOS 6. These features work reliably for me, my iPhone 5 works reliably, so, iOS 7 is a definite improvement over 6.
 I think you're mistaken with your cynicism; it's easier for Apple to behave like most Android handset manufacturers by not making any effort to supply system updates for current and older models.
A trip down memory lane to Dec 2008 yields:GS downgrades Apple, says new product at Macworld unlikely This analyst's 12 month target price?  $115Apple's actual price Dec 2009?  $195 Some analysis...
One of the reasons for hoarding old iPhones could be the relatively low prices offered by the "buyback" companies. The Apple approved reuse and recycling programme in the UK offers £27 for a pristine 32GB iPhone 3GS. It's a struggle to buy any new phone with the features of even the old 3GS for £27. Therefore if there's any chance of needing a spare handset, e.g. when travelling, it makes more sense to retain the iPhone than purchase a basic phone at a higher price.
 Lovely, more irony from you GTR about missing the point.The point of the article is about how much hardware isn't used but left to collect dust. Pooch was pointing out how his experience is counter to the article's findings. So, spare us your sanctimonious lectures about being civil, on topic and being anally-retentive.
The greatest irony being your post quoting Cretin's law moved the discussion towards that zero probability than my previous post contemplating what happens with old iPhone hardware.So, GTR, are you keeping the discussion civilised?
I haven't if the point of his post is that his old 3GS is being reused, for want of a better term, as a travel phone and has proven itself to be still versatile and useful wherever in the globe it may be.My issue is that the inaccuracy undermines confidence in believing the post.
I'm with jfanning on this one, when someone says they've been to Czechoslovakia with a phone made not more than four years ago I'm left wondering, did they go to the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, to both countries or to neither?
 This persistent meme is incorrect that the $150 million purchase of non-voting Apple stock by Bill Gates's Microsoft bailed out Apple.At the time (Aug 97) Apple still had $1230 million in cash and equivalents: Microsoft and Apple Affirm Commitment To Build Next Generation Software for MacintoshApple Inc. Form 10-K Annual Report, Filed Dec 5, 1997 
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