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on that note, within this forum is ideal.
  How ironic, have you tested the IQ of most people in this forum? Otherwise you're just as guilty of demeaning posters' IQs as the original poster was demeaning Google engineers.
  iZettle and payleven are equivalent services which offer chip and pin devices in Europe including the UK.   At best, Square is trailing behind or at worst, has conceded the European market to its competitors.
  I suffered the mercifully brief misfortune of owning a Samsung Galaxy Y phone. Samsung's own in-house apps prompted the user to enable "Load from unknown sources" to allow further updates of its own software to be installed.   The Galaxy Y runs Android 2.3 gingerbread and can't be updated to Android Jelly Bean, so it's wide open to security flaws that have since been patched. I replaced it with a Xperia tipo running android 4.0.4.   It was released by Sony in early 2012...
  So you're implying it's screen size which defines whether a computer is a netbook or not; the 11" MBA spec is near identical to the 13" MBA.   So with this logic a Colt M16 assault rifle is a gun whilst a Colt M1911 Pistol is more akin to a potato spud gun, due to their similar size.
  The kitchen sink, washing machine, bath tub and shower each perform the same fundamental task of washing with water.  The small kitchen sink is limited in what it can do when compared to a nice big bath tub.   Maybe it's time the kitchen sink, washing machine, bath and shower merge into one all capable device?   There already is a solution on the market for the minority who need full OS X on a tablet, it's the Modbook.
  The ir sensor so that the iPhone knows it's next to your face when you're not making a phone call:   Siri raise-to-speak feature uses modified iPhone 4S proximity sensor
  What Microsoft attempted to do with Internet Explorer was anathema to some of the very reasons why HTML and WWW were created, their attempt to subjugate the web to their software sadly almost succeeded.  Microsoft were effectively taking www work and making internet explorer additions to it in an attempt to force the world to use their software.   I think the current situation, where different organisations implement their own rendering engines to process the widely...
New Posts  All Forums: