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 It is true in a sense, they have closed the door on those who wish to pay with NFC Apple Pay, VISA Pay Wave or MasterCard PayPass.I suspect neither VISA nor MasterCard aren't happy about this development. Those retailers are saying "We don't consider your money and your custom worth our while". They favor a system which can throw discounts and promotions at the customer.Yet discounts and promotions demonstrate a lack of confidence that someone will purchase from your...
Your self-confession? Everybody who wishes to live has no choice but to consume oxygen, water and food.An undeniable fact whatever you think.So we are all consumers unless you're someone who grows all their own food and has their own water source.
 As human beings every single one of us consumes, consumes, consumes:oxygen, water, food. The day we stop is the day we're dead. Therefore it's our fundamental nature to consume.
 You know, these observations aren't even relevant to the thread. Apple's strategy is to offer the iPad range to those who have basic computing needs and the Mac Mini range to those on a budget who have more demanding needs: e.g. app developers, virtual machines, film or photo editing etc. The strategy seems to be working well for them judging from the unit sales and money stashed in the bank.
 This was what I was trying to allude to with my analogy using the Abrams tank and the electric car: two vehicles of similar speed yet the tank capable of so much more at that speed.
 The point is that if you're shopping for a Mac Mini or indeed, the cheapest new Apple OS X computer, you're looking at Mac Minis, not Chromebooks.There are those who have posted in this thread their doubts as to whether the current Mac Mini range can meet their OS X computing needs.As the Acer 720 Chromebook:doesn't run OS X uses a processor less than half the speed of the i5 in the current base model Mac Mini. has a inferior integrated graphics card only has less than a...
 Does anything run iOSX?Who makes this iOSX?  Does it even exist?There is iOS and OS X, this iOSX must be news to even Apple.
 Comparing the Acer C720 Chromebook, with its 1.4GHz Celeron processor to the new Mac Mini with its 1.4GHz Haswell i5 is equivalent to comparing this electric car:to this Abrams tank: and concluding the electric car must be just as good as they both have a similar top speed. See what the Abrams is doing to the Mustang?  Well just imagine the Mac Mini tank mauling the electric car Chromebook underneath.Oh the humanity!
...which Australia chose to perpetuate after its independence from the British:http://www.racismnoway.com.au/about-racism/timeline/index-1900s.html​1900: - Federation of Australia is established 1901: - The Constitution denies citizenship, franchise and the right to military duty to Aboriginal People If Australia is similar to the USA and the UK then it's a company's duty to legally maximise its profit for its shareholders and stakeholders.Apple has merely done what all...
You didn't choose to be born there but you still benefit from the land grab.If you have evidence of how Apple have broken Australia's tax laws and not paid what they were legally due then submit it to the authorities.Presumably Apple have complied with all Australian tax legislation and paid what they were due to pay.Today you want more from a corporation even though it's complied with legislation merely because they have a lot of money.In the past European settlers wanted...
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