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My friend bought a broad from overseas. I think she came from Russia. She was nuts. I would not recommend it.
You should win an award for this! Amazing.
My 1 Gz Tibook was the same way. My old 2.0 Dual G5 would not recognize some brands of DVD media (blank) while my new Mac Pro sees them fine. Frustrating as hell if you ask me!
True, but when it works it is fast. Also, I think my slow download speed has more to do with the old airport than anything else.
I have Fios at home. Works great on some computers but not all. Computers using ethernet get 15 MB down and 2 MB up. Machines using the original airport only get 3 MB down and 2 MB up. Don't know why and nobody seems to be willing to help....
I thought upgrade pricing was $99.
How much faster is a dual core 2.0 Xeon versus a dual core G5?
That is gorgeous. Makes my iMac look like a hobbled together piece of crap.
I have a feeling that you are going to be disappointed. Apple is buying off the shelf components to save money. I would be shocked if the iBook did not have integrated graphics.
I actually agree with the first couple of points. But, Apple will not abandon the PPC. Not going to happen. Also, you have a point with the iBook, but Apple does do stupid things every now and then.
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