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"...but Officer, I saw an Angry Bird behind me. I had to get away!"
iPad is probably effecting sales. With apps like iDraw (for iOS) now offering serious competition to a good 75% of Adobe Illustrator functionality (I use both), there is less reason to own a Mac if you like to get creative on the road. Me thinks the convergence of OS X and iOS is going to get very interesting within the next year or so. IE, Apple will reach the Windows 8 moment, but with a somewhat better UX about a year after 8 was launched. And then there's Chrome, and...
A great British invention!
Incredibly, my company has been working on such a design concept for a few years off and on, and only in the last week discussed (in writing) a kinetic energy generation system and three days ago, a slap bracelet as one of several methods to attach the device to your wrist. Our designer even has a slap bracelet used as a promotional gift by a company who had their logo branded on it. He had had it for over a decade, so the slap bracelet concept is not new in general, just...
@bro2ma Chances are, based on the prototype Samsung flexible display demos on YouTube that Apple will once again be using Samsung display technology, if not developed elsewhere. It takes companies like Apple to successfully introduce new technology/ideas, whether or not patented. Multi-touch, MagSafe, WiFi (PowerBooks where the first laptops with WiFi), TrackBall (PowerBook 100/140), Keyboard wrist pad (PowerBook) etc etc all come to mind.
@iqatedo "Apple has hardware to profit on, Google has... you!" Nice one! And true.
Truth is, Lightening is nice, but late. It would have been ideal 5 to 7 years ago, instead of its clunky predecessor. With the immensely popular and well reviewed Nexus 4 offering wireless charging (and full OTA syncing), physical connectivity is not going to be with us for long. I am surprised Apple have not made major investments in non contact connectivity, unless they have something planned for their next product releases. Let's see if the next iPhone (5S) make a stab...
Well, from my experience of Windows, she would get things done a lot quicker with a Mac. :) I concur with you on the MBA, I also have a 13" (had an 11" before that) and it is Apple's best product ever. They go everything right. I'm going to upgrade to the faster one in a few months so I can drive two external monitors, but other than that, it's still fast and reliable enough to provide at least another year or more of use.
Apple's policy of simply faster thinner may not prove profitable forever. They need to innovate, as Microsoft have done so well with the Surface tablets. Else, the iPad value prop is going to fade. Exhibit A: Sales of iPhone 5 - VS - Galaxy S3.
On the whole, I agree, and wasn't praising Windows 8, as a UX designer myself, it is a disaster, but then so has every build of Windows and yet it owns 95% of the market as of Friday January 4 2013.   Further, I was not advocating a switch away from keyboards and mice - choice is better. My best ever phone was the Sony Ericsson P9XX series, because you could choose between:   1. Stylus 2. Touch 3. On screen keyboard 4. Mechanical keyboard   And the OS...
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