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It's, iHitach
The build quality, perceived weight and industrial design of the MBA blow this thing out of the water, not to mention the whole OS X experience. No wonder non Apple vendors are failing to dent MBA sales. Just today, I was in an Apple dealer here in grey and increasingly cold England, and a guy came in to switch from Windows to Mac, and bought a 13" MBA with 256MB of slick SSD. Way to go!
I don't think we'll talk to the TV itself, but to our iOS device(s) that will then command the 'TV' what to do. This would also allow several people to control one device. Parent could request a show is downloaded in the background (from anywhere on Earth of course), whilst a youngster could instruct it to launch a game. Hopefully, Apple will buy OnLive and embed that service in Apple 'smart' TV.
...but to actually almost commit to purchasing is very difference - prior to release of the spec. I also plan to get an iPhone 5 IF it is up to snatch. But if it isn't the ONLY phone out there that is innovative and powerful enough to attract my interest is the Samsung Galaxy Note. A superb phone, no matter your allegiance, and something Apple should have done ages ago, with regards stylus operation for creative types and free thinkers. END
I have commented on this sort of survey before, but it proves once again that SOME people will purely buy on brand alone, without knowing anything about the product. If the actual specs for the iPhone 5 had been released by Apple, then this would be understandable, but if I was Apple or any other vendor for that matter, I would be frankly embarrassed if people were so obsessed with me or my brand, they would buy anything I produced. I am typing this on a MacBook Pro, also...
So Apple can save money and focus on other features.
Am an Apple fan, but anyone who pre-orders a product of any type without knowing the specification is acting on blind faith. Of course, iPhone 5 will be hot, but what if there are competitors with a better feature set? (IE, new phones from Samsung, HTC and Motorola.)
As are you. And I am not off topic, I was replying to someone else. As I said, Apple are not innovating fast enough. Do not compare 'innovation' to 'style'. BTW, I'm typing this on a MacBook Pro, and also own an iPad 2 and an iPhone 1G. But my original point was that the new Samsung Galaxy Note was/is probably the ultimate phone and Apple need to answer back. See where Apple are in 6 months to a year from now - if they do not capitalise on the huge amount of money they...
I'm not, the Samsung Galaxy Note has a 5.3" display, and having used a 5" Dell Streak, that screen size is almost the ideal. Perfect for reading eBooks, fits in the pocket, allows you to share content in the same way the iPad makes possible, easier to type on on screen keyboard in portrait orientation. Etc. Apple are not innovating quickly enough - we have to wait many years for each iteration and this will hit them i 2012 unless they listen to the other 90% of the...
Although an Apple user myself, I am surprised that Apple fan bois, as in those will be buy Apple simply because it is Apple, tend to stick their heads in the sand. This week, Samsung launched what is without any doubt the most useful and imaginative mobile phone ever, the Galaxy Note. Unlike iOS devices, that no matter what anyone says, are useless for content creation of creative 'on the fly' notes, sketches etc, a stylus operated device is naturally intuitive. If iPhone...
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