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While Apple have a record of innovation in other areas, if readers check GSMArena and other veteran phone blogs, they will discover how innovative Motorola have been in phone design, not just in wireless, something they are historically renowned for. Apple's greatest mistake, (and this is why ALL of their wireless equipped products, including Powerbooks, (some) Macbooks, all iPhone models and the WiFi iPad have a history of flaky wireless performance) was not to...
...to get into the living room. iOS on PlayStation 4. Period. Because Apple TV lacks a compelling from the sofa value proposition. And Sony, as the article rightly states, lack a consistent OS strategy. And no matter how cool the forthcoming Sony Ericsson 'PSP' Android phone, it won't catch the iPod Touch or iPhone 5, because as soon as someone produces a killer snap on tactile controller for keyboardless mobile devices, such a gaming phone will have little reason to...
So dystopian! But, we are being given the choice. How iRonic!
http://visionaforethought.wordpress....ter-than-this/ So let's see where this goes! visionaforethought AT gmail.com
...as debate the latest iGossip, Planet X further encroaches on the inner regions of the solar system.
...This discomforts everything, again. Introducing, iHugs. Every time an iFan purchases something worth more than $19.95 from an Apple Store, a store employee of the customers gender choice gives them a full on 3 minute wrap around body warming iHug, with optional iCuddle available for an extra 99cents. Don't you just iLove it?
Agreed, I was just being philosophical
Of course, curling up with a beer and snacks in front of the big screen is still the best way to enjoy a good movie (except for the cinema), but with Apple's own products now allowing movies and other content to be viewed anywhere, is the living room going to slowly become a thing of the past? Just as the mobile phone has relegated 'home' and 'office' to anywhere you want it to be, will networked content do the same for the living room? Discuss in less than 500 pages.
The app store success cannot continue to be Apple's card, the future lies in web apps and more innovative use of the cloud. I want a phone with a decent camera and a larger screen, so I can read books on it - and when travelling, shoot good quality photos that are then beamed directly to my photo sharing destination of choice. Don't ignore forthcoming phones from Motorola and Nokia that both feature Xenon flashes and take excellent photos - and have larger screens....
Yup, I said, WTF!?
New Posts  All Forums: