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No, there are no programs or certificates for "software architect". It is a job description, not a degree.
Firstly, because the bandwidth of speech is so low it's silly. Looking at a list of headlines/senders of my incoming email for two seconds informs me whether I can safely ignore them for a few hours. Listening to that data would take half a minute. Just getting weather data for the rest of the week takes a long time when it's via speech, but it easily fits in a 1/5 screen widget so you can get it with one glance along with other information.Secondly, when you don't see...
So there should be no opting out, unless you choose to opt out, in which case it's perfectly fine?
I haven't owned either iOS or Android devices yet, but I'm pretty much determined to buy Android. For me the difference originates from the fundamental restrictions decided by Apple - only Apple-allowed apps, and no filesystem access. The first is pretty obvious. I'm not going to be able to write my own software and use/distribute it freely on iOS. Nor will Apple allow some 3rd party apps which I would potentially like to use - a console or DOS emulator, etc. A...
The future equivalent of crappy Flash games, only the price of admission will go way up from the current $0.And none of that matters at all because the control isn't there and the quality-conscious audience isn't there.
When have they actually said this? Doesn't matter if they did, though. A fish won't become a mammal no matter how long you call it a moose.Because those tablets and those mobile phones which are lumped together run the same software. Non-smartphones are treated separately and Windows7 tablets are PCs.
The implication that gaming and being fit/active are mutually exclusive is BS. Games are active intellectual entertainment whereas exercise is active physical entertainment. Statistically speaking, the time spent in either comes mainly out of watching TV. That is a good thing no matter what metrics are used. I recall research in my home country indicates gamers actually have more hobbies (outside gaming) and are more fit than non-gamers.
Indeed it's ironic that Apple has chosen to go all out on GPU where it doesn't matter, and be niggardly with it where it would.
They should release a bigger iPod Touch because it would be a better iPod Touch. It won't make any difference against Vita or any other dedicated gaming system. They wipe the floor with iOS devices due to the controls. Some 90% of games are not optimal on touchscreen. The other 10% just hasn't shown up on iOS. Developers apparently do not believe iOS users will pay for good strategy games, etc.I'm pretty sure if the Vita does some shaking of the market, that shaking will...
Nope. PPI matters less and less as you approach the perception threshold. More resolution always helps usability as long as it's accompanied by a sufficient increase in display size.
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