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Interesting ad up until the end which threw the commercial pacing off... But this seems more like a dig at android phones than apple.
That is definitely overly expensive.
Weird way of scoring companies. Most of the businesses on the list seem more like "corporate" jobs that score high while some of the companies rate a combined "corporate" and retail. Obviously retail will cause scores to falter as there are always unhappy retail workers. I think it would have made sense to put them in two separate categories.
Me too.
Since AppleInsider is not too keen on posting very many pictures...   http://www.slashgear.com/philips-hue-adds-br30-and-gu10-bulbs-plus-disney-storylight-05304202/   The Disney ones seem like they could sell very well.
Gah! iWork not iWorks. I don't get why some people insist on calling it iWorks. Its iWork people! You don't call iLife, iLives....   EDIT: And even AppleInsider called it iWorks suite.... No, its just the iWork Suite.Another side note, iWork entails: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.GarageBand and iMovie are a part of the iLife suite...
Go to Settings>Messages>Turn off iMessage then turn it back on>Restart Phone This is one way it was fixed in the one iPhone that had the problem.
  I'm sorry have I offended you with my opinion? I really want to know if you have this game or even played it. You are wrong on the multiplayer level as when you have your friends playing in the neighboring cities, or as you called neighborhoods to which I agree the city space is small, at the same time you are you are easily playing with them and changes happening at that time. My friend asks for help with fires so my firetrucks are volunteered by me to go put them out....
Wrong, DRM is only part of it. Yeah, people wish to be loners and play the game by themselves, completely understandable with the last SimCity games, but this one is designed around a multi city experience best played with other players. Trust me I actually play the game unlike many who voice so much about the game without ever playing it. Either way the multiplayer obviously needs an internet connection to sync the cities in the region all together. Also I knew what I...
Quit whining about the offline mode. The always-on is not that big of a deal. This is very nice though, I bought the Windows version and wasn't fully sure if they would do this and they did, hard to play at smooth FPS when my rMBP still has bootcamp throttling issues.
New Posts  All Forums: