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The picture used in the article is Where's My Perry, and not Where's My Water.
Nope, sadly I'm one of the group of people where the SMC reset has absolutely no effect. Also always have my power supply connected at all times when in Windows. I'm jealous of you rMBP owners who have no problem in bootcamp.
Well it seemed to fix and enhance the Mac OS X side of things, but bootcamp performance has not really improved to how it was before the EFI 1.0 update. Still getting very low frame rates as something is throttling my CPU still.
YES YES YES! Finally we get the fix! This makes me very happy now. Time to start playing games with high settings again.
This needs to be released already. Bootcamp gaming on my rMBP has been bad since that one EFI update way back and it is said that 10.8.3 finally fixes it after I don't even know how many months. Also excited to see how much snappier Safar.... just kidding...
This is mainly a push before Sim City for Mac is released... All Origin needs is retina support on their application.
Upper right is full screen mode, its much different than the green maximize window button.
I sure hope it is included. OS X could always use more graphic drivers.
    ? My 15" rMBP has never done that... and if I turn off automatic graphic switching it stays on the NVIDIA 650M card.
I really wonder when Apple will release a Lightning to Thunderbolt connector...   I've been thinking about this and it makes perfect sense to release them. They don't have to be standard since most PC's don't have Thunderbolt but still I would really like faster transfer times. I don't know they could always call it Storm Connector or something like that...
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