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It was all planned from the beginning.... there was a reason for holding out and it worked.
Yeah I would definitely recommend doing your homework before purchasing because the Radeon 5870 states it will have OpenCL support in an sdk release.
Hahaha I like the picture in the article, "Rick liked...., Rick liked...." reminds me of anchorman! Rick killed a guy!
See I think the only computers that bluray should even be in would be the 27" iMac (unless your computer can stream it to a much larger screen).... bluray makes no sense on a lower resolution screen...
Works perfect for me....
Can't wait to get home and see the graphics improvements if any! Valve said this update is to improve performance by 200%.... supposedly.
I don't want to be rude but this is very old news.
How is it that they could sue for damages in the US if they don't have the trademark globally?
Well if you think about it I'm pretty sure the new app store will replace this which is probably why they have been ignoring it and hiding it away.
This would explain why the downloads page on the apple.com has been slowly hidden away.... Not surprised they did this, basically the same as apple.com/downloads except different interface and no update only downloads.
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