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Oh, well thanks for clarifying that.
Hmmm a very rushed port... It quit on him too....
I have a 27" iMac and the glossy doesn't even bother me at all... have you actually used one to see if you even might like it? It annoys me how there are so many complaining about the glossy when its not even that bad....
Hahah what teenager in their right mind would use the internet on such a big screen in front of everyone? hahaha
More OpenGL support maybe? Possibly? Hopefully? ?
Actually I found it too be pretty much the same as the windows version. I've been using it for my architecture class and i have no problems finding stuff
Im in this beta and I must say its absolutely wonderful! They even optimize the multitouch of the trackpad and the magic mouse very well.
Three fingers on the magic mouse maybe?
They all get raises!
Hmmm why doe it say third generation iPod touch? Mine has all the features offered other than phone features.... Do they mean second generation iPod touch?
New Posts  All Forums: