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I still cant update EDIT: ok nm its working
Assume 10am PST cause that's usually when the keynotes start so they like doing stuff at 10am
YAY! Its a free upgrade for iPod touch users! Finally!
I still don't believe that the iPhone will have screws on the bottom... its so un-apple....
Hopefully this is free like Portal was hahaha.... one can dream...
Hahahah me too! How bout that fantastic music in the background? Hmmm this looks like the real deal for sure this time... whats going on with the leaks?
Hmmm Photoshop CS3 launhes an runs fine for me hmm
Haha what kind of typo is that? That pretty bad.... Where does Nokia stand in all of this?
Yeah I have gone there to get icons and other free stuff... plus some good games.... I just got an iMac i7 and am looking for some games to download but theres been nothing new for a while. I hope theres a replacement too!
There was a new firmware update and no article on it? I updated but I'm not sure what it was supposed to fix. During the update it said it would run the fans on high haha and I didn't know the fans could blow so high! haha
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