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There was a new firmware update and no article on it? I updated but I'm not sure what it was supposed to fix. During the update it said it would run the fans on high haha and I didn't know the fans could blow so high! haha
http://www.apple.com/downloads None of the programs, software, or mac updates have been posted since 3/26? Why is this? I feel like this is news to investigate cause they usually do pretty well about updating it at 9:00 PM Pacific Time every weekday... EDIT: Last application was on 3/29 not 3/26 i'm sorry for the mistake.
Gosh say if this is the next gen iPhone.... What will the iPod touch be like? Hmmmm
Hmm well my iMac i7 quad core seems to run perfectly... I was under the impression everything was fixed?
Ok seriously the small kin design really sucks... who wants a round phone... the bigger one is more like any other slide phone but i like that polished look... overall the phones are ugly and small.
Umm why are you here? It seems like you like to bash on Apple... Idk but that is the vibes I'm receiving from you.
Well its such a close value its hard to figure out how much money they payed...
The reason Mac Pros cost so much is because media companies are the ones buying these because they are the ones who don't worry so much about the price. Why lower the price when they are selling "like hot-cakes" to companies like Pixar and Dreamworks who do very complex Animated Movies on the Mac Pros.
"Mental that one...."
It's not like Apple is losing money, right?
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