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Why did you compare it next to the iPhone 4S? No iPhone 5 nearby?
Really wish you could get the Red back with a black front... would have looked much better...
These phones aren't meant for the mass market. These are tech geek phones and usually very well made phones for their time. I have the Gnex and its still a very nice phone, not perfect and yes i'd still rather be back into iOS, but it is easy enough to hack and tinker with and that is for whom these phones are for. Not saying Google wouldn't like to sell lots of these though, because if they could they would.   Oh sorta wondering what other phones are in your collection?
  Ah yes, mistake with the iPod pricing... I would agree $349 seems more logical. I could even add the new iPod Nano to that line up also as it starts at $149 and becomes more consistent pricing differences.
iPod touch - $199   iPad Mini - $299   iPad 2 - $399   new iPad - $499   Seems logical to me...
Its annoying how dumb some graphic designers these days are... Why not just use their own chromebooks as reference or something. But it seems a lot of tech companies don't have the right graphic designers.
I agree looks like a plastic prop.
People (as in the press) seem to absolutely forget that even Google Maps had its problems when it came out. You can't build something so extensive without time and user input and it annoys me when I hear people calling Apple Maps an alpha or beta product. If something is wrong or not right you can report it to attempt to get it fixed, people instead just complain and throw a fit. All this media coverage is really brainwashing the general public to complain more when they...
Next big thing for the iPhone 5S?
  You know MacBooks are extremely popular among college students... Most college students have Facebook. I for one enjoy the Facebook integration, it makes a lot of communication easier already.
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