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Yeah, what kind of ruling is this? Does not seem professional at all....
Hurray for free upgrade! Can't wait!
I have one of these because of Google I/O and I have got to say for a low end tablet it is very good. Not good enough where its better than the iPad but still very good.
Finally got my retina mac today and can't wait to play! This is good news!
Hopefully they have more in stores soon... I really could use a new laptop before Google I/O
The Verge is reporting Nvidia cards not AMD cards...     Source- http://www.theverge.com/2012/5/14/3020483/new-macbook-pros-confirmed-to-have-nvidia-graphics
I know! I just want the next MacBook Pro out so I can get one already...
Well technically Foxconn only stated that the reports of the CEO speaking out were false. They said nothing else like they were or were not manufacturing TV's
Hahaha too funny!   "What about III?" "We don't talk about III"
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