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    Haha I also found that funny.     On topic though, I have found that the home buttons have always been temperamental after time, sometimes working and sometimes not.
Thanks for the laugh! Hahahaha On topic though, I don't know, the 7" Tab just doesn't look right for some reason... Bezel looks too big maybe not sure.
Hope they come out then, so it gives enough time for me to see how it is before I buy, in order to be able to have and ready for Google I/O.
I read somewhere that someone said the reason for this is because you will never have 100% unless its currently plugged in. So the second it is removed the battery is then 99% or 98% so they compensate the top 10% battery reading so it stays high I believe. Supposedly.... just something I read. Oh and it also applies to all technology batteries not just the iPad.
Man, I really want the new MacBooks to come out soon... Hopefully April, hopefully April....
Haha um why did the author blur the email address of osx108mountainlion@gmail? Its clearly visible on the top of the windows...
I wish there was just an easy printer... Printers now a days just don't "just work"
We need more graphic drivers!
Ballmer sure says Nokia funny
Hahaha I like this idea haha but it would be funny if the avatars were all like cartoon apples or something...
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