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Hmmm weird how they don't say why processor they use on the website... No mention at all
Please don't go there, I'm tired of political extremists... The last POTUS was no war criminal and the current one is no criminal either. I hate how much people use the POTUS as a scapegoat... he is not the only one to blame.
I want a new case design....
Can we run Parallels within Parallels?
Answer is yes... All Mac games in the steam store are bought once and playable on Mac and PC.
Counter-Strike has always been about terrorists... Came about the Clinton era I believe? Just FYI
I personally don't mind using matchmaking when I'm bored at home and looking for a quick start game. Valve I find is able to make a server list work as they do it in every multiplayer game they create (except Portal 2 which only is coop so no list is needed). MW2 was one of the reason so many PC players got angry with it due to the lack of a server list but it was brought back in Black Ops. Developers of PC titles know server lists are important and Valve is big on this....
Mac OS X needs more graphic drivers! And matchmaking has always been a part of PC and console games as of late... It's just PC users will get the server browser which valve always has so clans will have no problem. I'm looking forward to this and Dota 2!
Actually this sorta happened to me in the iOS app store... I bought an app for .99ยข and got charged 6 times but got refunded every time so I'm curious what is going on at the iTunes and PayPal servers?
No problem here either... iMac quad 2009
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