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Haha, they added more graphic drivers
Hahaha Ohhhh I totally called this release coming out today two days ago And we need more graphics drivers.
I'm guessing Thursday
Whoooooooosh! Well that just flew right over my head....
Need more graphic drivers!!!!!!
Personally I don't see the use of a retina screen in the iPad yet because both battery and graphics processors would struggle way to much... Perhaps maybe 2 years at least, but I definately want to see that ppi pushed to above 200. After using the retina screen the pixels are very noticeable on the iPad now... Just my 2 cents
I realized that most likely I see a internal renovation of how the store may be lain out. It actually makes most sense since they need new training for a new layout and need a night to move everything around. Remember the rumor of less physical software area?
iCloud? I really don't think so since this a retail thing they have to set up for... If anything it should be a physical product... something enough to make an entire weekend crazy. Maybe multiple products will recieve upgrades? Im not sure just my guess but hey I could be wrong.
We need more graphic drivers!
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