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Android Ice Cream Sandwich.... thats a long name. Haha careful though, if it gets too hot it will melt!
Oh how the media likes to blow things out of proportion. To be honest I had no care about this tracking location crowd sourcing thing, didn't bother me at all.
Actually on my late 2009 iMac I have always had a problem with Bootcamp and the screen brightness.... and it has been a problem for quite a while actually since i've seen forum discussions on it for a while.
Oh no I do understand but it has bothered me ever since I learned of it in my Statistics classes... Im just stating my opinion thats it...
Deleted for double post... sorry
I hate surveys like this that poll such few sample size and generalize their results throughout the entire population... But hey thats how surveys work...
A swift kick in the pants... This is nice to see in iOS games... Looking forward for more implements...
I'm confused on some comments... Emoji has always been on iOS... Nice to see it come to Mac OS X tho
Im very happy about that too!
Wow I'm surprised no one is saying much about the 6750M at 1GB! This is a major leap in GPU power... I was originally just planning on the entry level 15" MBP but when I saw the GPU on the higher end.... haha going to have to save a bit more money :P... Can't wait to game on the windows partition I'll probably make and also excited for the mac side as well...
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