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Reminds me of Ferris Bueller... "Hey tell your son that everyone at the station is pulling for him" Lets all get "SAVE STEVE" shirts!
AHHH! an ALAC buddy! haha you beat my post but yeah I totally agree!
Why does no one know about Apple Lossless? Aka ALAC.... It is full lossless audio that is the same 24-bit sound and high kbps as regular FLAC. Plus ALAC is supported by all iPods by now. So basically theres no need for FLAC when Apple has its own coding .m4a so if Apple did start selling lossless then it would probably be ALAC and not FLAC. Though you can make the change between the two using the program XLD to how ever you may want. Oh and @Superbass this isn't really...
Give an example of what you want the iPad to be able to do then
Oh I called this quite a while ago.... and theres always macupdate for people's downloads....
Hahaha I love how ou can put the glasses on top of his head haha classic Steve Jobs demoing something where he does that.... They really aren't half bad looking though...
Yeah I agree, the world is being saturated with e-book stores. Personally if I get a book i would much rather just get a hard copy right now, would be nice if you could put in the ISBN or some code that also gives you a digital copy.
Oh wow John McClain helped with the song? He can fight evil and Produce a song... Now that's talent :P
Oh gosh I'm so in the market for a MacBook Pro and if they bring lightpeak to it in the next refresh I think I will explode and never be able to use it!
Oh please... Since when is gore and language not allowed on the app store? I think you just assumed cause there is definatelly plenty of those type of apps going around.
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