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Irish laws are "not to blame". Blame for what? What *exactly* is the issue?My apologies for being so dense, but huh? Can you please elaborate?
Yet another example of a country with too much government.
  The iOS UI is NOT outdated.  It's just familliar.  I admit to being one of those considering other phones due to this.   I don't find anything wrong with iOS, but am considering other phones simply for something different.      The problem is the fanboys of all stripes that insist there's only one best phone.  That everything else is dreck.   This all or nothing mentality is exhausting.   The need to insult others that don't hold the same opinion as you.   And you're...
Quote:   Perhaps legal, but always immoral.   You agreed to a EULA, you broke your word.  
    Yep, there's a revenue problem.  That's what happens when you destroy an economy.    You can try to raise taxes, but revenue won't go up signficantly.  People will simply change their behavior to reduce the tax load.   They won't accept the punishment that the government is trying to force on them.   The government has simply grown too fast.   It's far outstripped revenue.   It's the spending, stupid!   Obama's first year in office, he grew the deficit by over 1.2...
  So a healthy corporation is not in the best interest of the public?     Personally, I can't imagine what Tim Cook could possibly tell President Obama.  If 16 trillion dollars in national debt and probably another 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities (Social Security, Medicare, etc.) doesn't already get his attention, nothing will.   You simply can't keep spending money you don't have.  You can't keep on making promises you can't fulfill.   Well, you can.  But what do...
We've known it for ages, but now Apple officially announce that they value form over function.  Finally they acknowledge what has been plainly obvious to everyone else.
  I disagree.   Microsoft is pushing the new WinRT programming model hard.  These are the APIs that produce Metro-style apps.  They believe this differentiation is their key to long term survival.   Surface RT is pretty much WinRT only - minus perhaps the Office 13 apps.  Surface RT may be their price leader, but it's also their long term goal.  All Metro, all the time.   Surface Pro (x86) is for those that can't yet let go of the past.  I don't think the Surface Pro will...
  As a consumer, I love companies like Amazon. 
  If true, I doubt this has anything to do with being "pissed off", and everything to do with trying to contain costs.  If you can build your own tech and not have to license someone else's, then you can save a few bucks per phone.   This is probably like Apple's move away from Google maps on iOS6.   Apple has to pay Google every time somebody references a Google map.  Again, if you can substitute your own tech, you can save a dime.
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