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  I disagree.  I can't see Microsoft selling anything at a loss.   They certainly didn't try to buy market share with the Zune.   I believe they'll try to be competiive, but they won't sell below cost.     I suspect the Surface RT will sell for the same $400 as the iPad 2. 
  And clichés are going to be flung about...   Sorry, but I'm tired of all the "hater" nonsense.  If you're not a drooling "fanboy", then you're some kind of "hater" or "troll".  Why can't people have a difference of opinion without being called names?
No matter how desirable Verizon's 4G speeds may be, they don't even have voice coverage in my neighborhood.   They're useless to me.   And they're doing everything they can to delay Voice over LTE.   So I guess, I'm sticking with AT&T, despite their poor 4G LTE coverage.  At least i can use the phone on their network.
  $199 is for the Nexus 7 with only 8 gigs of storage (and some taken up by the OS).   Will Apple sell an iPad mini with only 8 gigs?   Certainly all previous iPads have started at 16 gigs.    So it's possible that you'd really be comparing a $249 Nexus 7 vs. a $299 iPad mini (with the same amount of storage). Is the iPad worth $50 more?
  I just wish Apple would let me read my iBooks on my Mac.   Doesn't seem like it should be such a stretch, but there you are.
  Thought I'd try my hand at the whole Troll nonsense...     You're obviously lying.  You must be an Apple plant.  Posting positive images of a company that nobody cares for.   Apple is doomed, I tell you. 
      And yet, you read the article.   And felt a need to comment on it.   Why didn't you stuff your fingers into your ears and start shouting - "NaNaNaNaNa - I can't hear you."?   Get a grip.  Rumors about potential products is half the fun of web sites like these.   I got a chuckle out of the special screw that was rumored a week or two ago.  Good fun.   And the panic from rumor mongers who panicked because they fell for the story.   Again, fun for all.
Samsung has sold over 7 million Galaxy Notes.   Somebody likes them.  
Sorry for the fuzzy memory. I seem to remember somebody talking about the iMac NOT getting the Retina display due to the sheer volume of pixels.   I think the argument was that the Thunderbolt port can't support that much information.  And since iMacs are often used as target displays for laptops...    Or something along that line.   
  And that brings up my question...  why doesn't anybody build routers with a decent number of LAN ports?   I want a minimum of 8.   I guess it's form over function.  Gotta keep that small rectangular box.   No room for more ports.   Sad.
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