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  And yet you post here?   Ignorance abounds.   Mine included.
So much effort - time and money, for such a lousy product name.
  Not sure I agree that a statement declaring the Fire to be better than the Nexus is worth a laughing-out-loud response.  I don't automatically assume it's "ignorant".    Both of these tablets are about consumption of services (books, music, movies, tv shows, etc.).   If one considers Amazon's store to be better than Google's, then you might go ahead and consider the Fire to be the better tablet.
  Grow up boy.
No application should ever be able to crash the operating system.  Bad design.
  You quoted his statement.   Apparently you care about it.   The only reason to do so is if you have something to either support or contradict his statement.   You don't quote somebody and then say later that your statement had nothing to do with his statement.   Your own statement was snark.   You can't say otherwise.
        Perhaps you missed the "Upon release" bit of his statement?    Not that your own statement doesn't raise questions about the Surface tablets.   Microsoft has given very few details about these devices - especially price and release date.  Perhaps you could have talked about that instead of just taking a dig at DaHarder.          
  If you've totally dismissed the iPad, then you're really no better than the Apple fanboys that dismiss everything non-Apple.   You really need to consider all products.   Forget the holy wars and buy the best product.   Of course, "best" means different things to different people.
  I agree with your assessment of the Intel version of the Surface tablet.   Unless businesses buy it in droves, it's doomed.   But I think consumers might like the ARM version.   I'm certainly going to take a good look at it when it arrives.
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