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  Again, I disagree.   I don't think the Nexus 7 is aimed at any particular device.  It's simply about getting a low cost device into your hands so that you'll provide them with the data that they need to sell you to advertisers.   It's about creating a device in which you'll constantly be logged on with your Google credentials.   Everything you do on your device will be monitored, packaged and sold.   That's the Google business plan.   You are the product.  You are...
  I'm actually interested.  So Paul, Mary Jo and me.
  I disagree.  I think the ARM version (Microsoft Surface for Windows RT) is the iPad competitor.    The Intel version (Microsoft Surface for Windows 8) is being pushed as a competitor to UltraBooks - which are supposed to be priced somewhere between the iPad and Air.    Personally, I see the Intel version as strictly oriented towards businesses.   Its sole claim to fame is its ability to be managed with the same tools already in place for managing desktops (System...
  Morons?  Bookworms?  Geeks?  Sam-Suck?   Idiotic?   Total joke?   Do you really think you'll convince anybody of your argument when you use terms like this?   Present a reasoned argument instead, rather than an emotional one.
  I agree completely - well, except for the Tea Party reference.   You're just dead wrong on that.   Especially the comparison to that Occupy nonsense.   But perhaps I'm just a Jihadi raining on your parade.
  Not political reasons, but monetary reasons.   You have to pay to use the API.   Apple has been paying Google quite a few bucks over the years.   They'd just like to keep that money in house from now on.
  Which one did you order?   8 gigs for $199 or 16 for $249?   Just curious which one you think is the best value for that price.
  Whored out?    Climb down from the ledge.   You're getting dizzy.   MacOS X itself, is based on FreeBSD - an open source version of Unix/Linux.  And yet Apple has been able to make something quite nice out of it.   I won't assume that Google can't do the same.
  Hmm.   I don't recall enabling that option that let's any jerk off the street comment on Apple Insider.    And yet, here you are.   On a more serious note, do you really not think hearing about Apple's competition will help you appreciate Apple's products more?    Or would you prefer to just stick your fingers in your ears and shout la-la-la-la-la - I can't hear you!
  And you please take your attitude elsewhere as well.  
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