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      Wow.  It's hard to take any of this seriously.  It just sounds so juvenile.   WinDoze?  Micro$Sloth?  Micro$shit?  What are you, 13 years old?    Grow up.
  Lucky for me, I've got manly thumbs.   
  You were only the 2nd post.   Who exactly were you trying to calm down?   
  Oh horsesh!t.  So anything negative voiced about an Apple product is automatically "hate" speech?    Grow up.
      I repeat.   Take off the blinders.   How did you even come to admire Apple products unless you were able to compare them to the competition.   I want to know that there's competition.  I want to know what products they think will be worthwhile.  I want to hear about how Apple will or will not respond.  It's a big world out there.   Even a big Apple world.
  Dang.  Now I'm doing it.  Sorry.  You're not a d!ck.  You're just a jerk.  No wait.  That's a bit of name calling too.  Again, sorry.   
      Does it hurt?    I'm talking about that gun that apparently somebody has jammed into your skull that forced you to not only read the article but comment on it as well.    Seriously, if you don't like what's published on this website, go somewhere else.  Or start your own.  Because you're just being a d!ck.   Personally, I had no problem with the article.   I want to hear good and bad news about Apple.   I want to hear about competitors.      One more thing if you...
            Seriously?    A article discussing a future competitor to the Apple iPad, and you can't see any relevance?   Take off those stupid blinders.   
    Sorry for my ignorance, but what does this mean?    
    There does appear to be demand for a 7" iPad.   Why walk away from customers waving dollars in their face?   Apple would be a fool not to cater to this audience.
New Posts  All Forums: