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"Without DRM you'd still be tied to the iPad, right?" I don't believe so. Apple has chosen a standard book format - ePub. That's readable on other eReaders, including Sony's eReaders and B&N's nook. I don't believe the Kindle supports ePub at this time.
OK, I get it. Publishers want to protect their works. But proprietary DRM solutions like FairPlay only benefit Apple. They lock you into their platform. That means you can only read iBooks-purchased ebooks on Apple devices. Amazon is at least a little better - but not much. You can read Amazon-purchased ebooks on Kindle or on any other device to which Amazon has ported the Kindle reader application. I cannot read an Amazon purchased ebook with Apple's own ebook...
Doesn't the US Senate have enough to do that it doesn't need to investigate how the Chinese run their factories? What part of American law applies to China?
Remember that this is not a standalone device. It's an iPod (essentially). You must still manage it from iTunes on a separate computer. Do mom and dad already have a computer?
I would have hoped Apple would have been further along on the next gen iPhone by now.
I think the Nokia CEO must have a reminder configured on his desktop. It's Monday, time to throw another lawsuit at Apple. Soon or later, something must stick.
China blocks objectionable content? That gives you the idea that China is just trying to protect its citizens from child pornography or something. No. It's trying to restrict political content. Not the same thing. Don't use fuzzy language that obscures the facts.
If you're going to steal the "look and feel", then go ahead and do it. They only did it in bits and drabs. Windows 7 is still pretty garish. They need to tone it down some. I find the MacOS interface much more elegant and refined. It's less "in your face". Aero windows especially is an eye sore.
Why the mobile version of the i7? Why not the desktop version? It's probably much more powerful. Heat?
I definitely agree with the sterile bit. But I'm usually harassed by employees trying to help me (in the Richmond, VA store).
New Posts  All Forums: