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Google gets caught with their hand in the cookie jar, and their only comment is:  "but they're really good cookies.  I should get to eat them if I want to".   Lame.
So the judge calls the preceedings frivolous, but can't/won't disclose those proceedings. (due to the "seal" over the docs)   So nobody gets a chance to rebut his statements.   As noted elsewhere, this would have been a good opportunity for him to keep his mouth shut.  He could have worked directly with Apple over his concerns.  But he had to go to the press...
        Skilled workers will find the jobs.   The business environment (tax breaks) is much more important.   Open the facility in South Carolina.  Talented people will find it - even if they come from out of state.    
      Did you really just dis the entire state of South Carolina?    
Plants love carbon dioxide. Converting it all into oxygen. Feed the plants. Hydro, wind and solar are simply not economically viable at this time. What is in place now is only due to incredibly high "investment" from taxpayers. I wouldn't count too highly on these technologies any time soon. Meanwhile, coal is here today. In abundance.
Actually, it would be nice if either or both of you could cite some references.
You could have stopped at "Greenpeace is clueless".
That's just because Dell isn't using much energy. If you're not building anything that anybody wants, it's easy to be green. Sorry. I normally hate snark.
Everybody makes up their own definitions. Screw technology. Marketing Rules!
Here in the US, words can mean whatever you want them to mean. I can probably get away with calling my two-tin-cans-and-a-string 4G. It looks like Australia takes their verbiage a little more seriously. I assume it would be fairly expensive for Apple to have to repackage everything without the 4G nomenclature.
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