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I just tried a Kindle Fire (and sent it back to Amazon). Ignoring what I felt was the obvious inferiority of the hardware, OS and user interface, I really found the 7" Fire to be too small. But there are scores of people that do like the smaller size, so Apple would be foolish to ignore the market.
No, not all email is push. But "push" email has been around for a very long time. Hard to imagine that Motorola can patent something that old.
Electronic mail has been around for a very long time. I'm not sure I'd even agree that pull came before push. In the early days of SMTP, there were no always-on client email programs. You sat down to your computer, opened your email app, and then directly accessed your mailbox. No POP involved. I'm not saying you're wrong about email, but I wish you'd been a little hesitant in throwing your insults about.
I don't understand what Verizon is doing? Why would you deliberately push your customers to AT&T? Every 2 years, just swap carriers. Become a new customer each time.
I vote no. No to Ashton Kutcher. And no to yet another Steve Jobs film.
Screwed the web? By introducing a free tool you can use to create iBooks? iBooks. Not generic ebooks. Use other tools if you want portability.
If they want to bring iOS to the Mac, how about some of the apps first? It's still hard to believe that I can't read my iBooks on my Mac. What's up with that?
I want to like the new Start screen. The idea of a screen covered in widgets seems interesting to me. Yet, it's so effing ugly. Aesthetically, it just screams Fisher-Price, with a chaotic pile of colored blocks. Again, just considering the functionality, Live Tiles seem pretty cool, but they do offend my sense of style. Can I get used to it, probably. Gestures on the other hand are entirely new to me. Swiping from an off-screen area to an on-screen area at specific...
Didn't I read earlier, that much of Apple's ballyhooed $100 billion is actually tied up overseas - in the countries where the products were purchased? How will dividends be paid with this money? Will Chinese investors get paid by Apple's pile of money in China? US investors from Apple's profits made in the US? Etc? Or does paying dividends allow them to return foreign profits back to the US without paying taxes?
I don't understand. I was under the impression that Thunderbolt was simply an implementation of Light Peak over copper. Why would you have optical cables for an interface designed for copper?
New Posts  All Forums: