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Wow. The guy who's trying desperately to justify his own theft is calling others a "fuckwad". Theft is theft. You can't justify it.
Please define Troll. Anybody that disagrees with you? Anybody that isn't salivating Pavlov-style over everything Apple? If they say anything critical at all, then they should be ignored or criticized? Please don't feed the Troll haters. Oh, dang. That's me.
The clarification seems to state that the mobile chipsets still won't be available until June. Desktop chipsets will be available in May. Neither will be available in April. I don't expect new MacBooks in April.
Sorry, not obvious to me. So Apple is going to get a head-start on the competition without the Ivy Bridge chips? Or are you assuming that somehow Apple will get them in quantity before the rest of the laptop manufacturers? I wouldn't count on that. Especially after Intel dumped so much money and effort into creating that new UltraBook standard. They want PCs to catch up to the MacBook Air. I can't see them giving any advantages to Apple.
April? Didn't Intel just state that the new Ivy Bridge chips would be delayed until at least June? Why would you bring out a new MacBook this close to such a significant change in chipsets? I'm not buying into this speculation.
Apple already makes the worst keyboards on the market. Now they're doubling-down on bad. Sad.
OMG! You mean it won't go to 11? What will I do? I know. I'll threaten to buy some other tablet. Or will I hold my breath until Apple realizes that I live and die on specs?
Yes, you can have all kinds of things running in the background - sucking the life out of your battery. I personally think Apple made some very good decisions about what's allowed to run in the background. Now if they'd just get rid of that stupid "most recently run" apps list, I'd be happy.
Do I read this right? We've got so many of the old CPU chips that nobody wants anymore, that we've decided to delay the new chips until after you people have bought the old chips - that you no longer want. The beatings will continue until morale improves.
I'm not a developer, so I have no first hand knowledge of Apple's app approval process. And as a lazy bum, I've not tried to find any second hand knowledge either. So, perhaps someone more industrious can help me out. Exactly what is included in Apple's app approval process? Do developers actually submit source code with their apps? Does Apple actually review that code? How would they determine what Path was doing?
New Posts  All Forums: