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It's a shame that you're demanding Apple treat all of their developers as criminals. Because some act poorly, Apple should punish everybody. What you want is developers with ethics. Perhaps they're rare now.
I think its simpler than that. They made a conscious choice to take that data. Only when caught did they find a need to talk about it. At least they didn't try to spin their greed for your data.
No sure I agree with this statement. I think if a company is being singled out, then it's OK to notice and comment about it.
But is this really the job of Congress? Perhaps the DoJ, but Congress? Don't they have more important things to worry about? Like actually passing a budget? It's been over a 1000+ days since the Senate passed a budget.
Why? Is your check list really that important to you?
Does anybody actually want this capability? I don't. I want Apple to continue to supply recovery media with every Mac they sell. If they sell a Mac without an optical drive, then they should supply recovery tools on a USB thumbdrive.
Dick Cavett runs Halliburton?
Apple will not - cannot - solve this problem. The fact of the matter is that it is not Apple's problem - no matter how much people want to blame them. Nor do I necessarily agree that there even is a problem to discuss. Thousands of people voluntarily work these jobs. Thousands more wait in lines to get these jobs. What problem?
That's a load of baloney.
It's not just about cost. It's about flexibility. Did you not read about the interview that Jobs had with Obama? Manufacturing of the scale done in China simply cannot be done in the US any more - at any price. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/22/bu...pagewanted=all
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