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Paypal is doomed !!
I always get the iPhone with 64GB capacity. For me it's a $100 price cut. That's super!!
On stage, Tim will call Siri and she will jump out of his iPhone.....with all her clothes on !!   And Tim will yell, "iCloud is secure....  iCloud us secure...."   That would be historic !!
 Apple "did the same" when Nelson Mandela died.  If you are calling Apple a "bunch of racists," you need to have your head examined.
Nah..... Just buy a Macbook Air.
Wonderful. T-Mo should remain independent.
Exactly. Some people would rather have more storage of the HDD at lower cost than the speed of the SSD. If Apple were to introduce a Macbook Pro with 1TB Fusion Drive and Retina Display with upgradeable memory (even without the CD/DVD drive) at $1200 price point, it would sell like hot cakes. But, I don't think Apple will ..... Are you listening, Tim Cook?
I like T-Mo and I am going to switch.  But, this 4.0 plan is not as good as it sounds.  To get the ETF rebate from T-Mo, you have to trade-in your current phone and buy one from T-Mo for full price.  They don't give you much for the trade-in.   For example, for an iPhone 5c (AT&T), the trade-in value is $213.  The full price on this iPhone is $649 plus tax.     Essentially, T-Mo will make a profit on the trade-in, and lose on the ETF rebate. So, for them, it's a wash...
From WSJ today ---   "AT&T and T-Mobile were slated to be merger partners three years ago, but the Justice Department scuttled the $39 billion deal over concerns it would leave the market too concentrated. Antitrust officials wanted to preserve T-Mobile as a disruptive force in the market."   Thank you DOJ.  Competition = Lower Prices.  Yeah, baby !!
Rumor is that T-Mobile will announce next week that AT&T customers who come to T-Mo will get their early termination fee refunded if they trade in their phone.   AT&T is just fighting back.   If you bring your own phones, for a family of four:   T-Mo costs $100 plus tax with 500MB data each (not shared), and AT&T costs $155 plus tax with shared 2GB data on their Mobile Share Value Plan.   The way I see it, AT&T will have to lower prices to compete.
New Posts  All Forums: