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  You have been adamant that Apple will not make an iPad mini.  I mean, table-pounding "Tally knows all" adamant.  So, "hat eating" will certainly be required if Apple does introduce a smaller iPad. 
So, when Apple announces the iPad mini (Air), will you eat your hat?
  Don't ask. Don't tell?
I'd say so.  But, "no Siri for you..."
First, read what you have written.  It does not make any sense.  In addition, there are several grammatical errors.    What the heck do you mean by "it will not stop and until as we know it ceases to exist." ?   Second, don't be so pompous.  Give it a rest.
  You are talking nonsense again.  Cash is cash.  It is secure unless you are talking about picking my pocket.  If there are any fraudulent charges on my credit card, I am covered by my card company.  Debit cards I never use because they are tied to bank accounts.  Debit cards don't have the same level of security as credit cards.   As for NFC payments, we just don't have enough experience to feel comfortable that they are secure.
  You mean "with one another."   It will be many, many, many years before plastic cards go away entirely..if ever.   Furthermore, I am quite sure we will hear many security-related horror stories along the way.  I personally will not be using my smartphone for making payments unless I am convinced that my money and information will be secure.
  I agree.  Whether to plunk down another $500 for the 512GB, or not, is a hard decision.
Well...the article says: "Strategy Analytics said the primary reason for slowdown in the smartphone market is a volatile economy, as well as maturing penetration of smartphones among mobile subscribers. In addition, the firm said major operators are tightening their upgrade policies to improve profits."
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