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  You are talking nonsense again.  Cash is cash.  It is secure unless you are talking about picking my pocket.  If there are any fraudulent charges on my credit card, I am covered by my card company.  Debit cards I never use because they are tied to bank accounts.  Debit cards don't have the same level of security as credit cards.   As for NFC payments, we just don't have enough experience to feel comfortable that they are secure.
  You mean "with one another."   It will be many, many, many years before plastic cards go away entirely..if ever.   Furthermore, I am quite sure we will hear many security-related horror stories along the way.  I personally will not be using my smartphone for making payments unless I am convinced that my money and information will be secure.
  I agree.  Whether to plunk down another $500 for the 512GB, or not, is a hard decision.
Well...the article says: "Strategy Analytics said the primary reason for slowdown in the smartphone market is a volatile economy, as well as maturing penetration of smartphones among mobile subscribers. In addition, the firm said major operators are tightening their upgrade policies to improve profits."
Steve Jobs - Definitely one of the 20 most influential people in American history.   Not just influential, he was the greatest businessman of the last one hundred years.  To take Apple from a company that was nearly bankrupt to the most valuable in the world is no mean feat.
For an opposing and well-reasoned point of view.   http://www.macworld.com/article/1167833/opinion_googles_nexus_7_makes_the_case_for_a_smaller_ipad.html
A 7% decline in gross margins is pretty significant.  That means Apple is willing to sell at lower prices so that there isn't much of a price umbrella for competition to succeed.  I can see them offering a 7.85" iPad at $200 to $250 level to prevent Google and Amazon from succeeding.
Co guides Q4 margins to 38.5% vs 43.1% consensus. Co expects this decline to come from fall transition and the impact of the stronger US dollar.   What I conclude from this is that a smaller iPad with lower margins is coming. 
As I said before, added to position at $568.48.
Even if iPhone sales disappoint and the stock sells off after hours, it will come back up again very fast, because:   1) Valuation is low.  Apple should have about $135 per share in cash at qtr-end.  Forward P/E ex-cash is about 8.6, which is absurdly low.   2) Apple will soon start paying dividends.  With a yield of 1.8%, the stock will not fall much.   3) There are new products on the near horizon.  Institutions will load up in anticipation of a...
New Posts  All Forums: