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I wonder if the new Galaxy S III will be banned as well.  That would give Samsung/Google a big wedgie !!
  Don't see this on Reuters website.
You mean: Living in the invisible pixel world.
  OK.  But, you still seem to imply that Apple does not have anybody that can do as good a job with Mac hardware going forward as Bob has done during the last 7 years.  I disagree.  One of the most important functions of top management (including the Board of Directors) is to make sure that the bench is deep enough in every function of the company.  I am sure Cook has plans in place as to who would replace each of the senior managers if the need should arise.  And, just...
  ........a lot of thought?  Puh..leese..!!   During the last 4 years that "more" Apple big-wigs have left, do you know how many have been hired that are capable enough to become big-wigs?  Serlet left.  Federighi is now a big-wig.  Ron Johnson left.  Browett is a big-wig.  A certain amount of turnover in manpower is normal.  No need to ring the alarm bells !!   And, during the last 4 years that all your big-wigs have left, the stock has quadrupled.  Certainly, the rate...
    What a ridiculous thing to say!  How is this proof that Apple is faltering?  The guy wants to retire.  Could be any number of personal reasons.  Did Apple falter when Serlet left?  Federighi took over just fine.  Or, how about Ron Johnson?  Apple has a deep bench of capable engineers and managers.   It's irritating when people post without thinking.
The "evil" has landed.  iOS will never be the same again.
You really crack me up !!   Why do I suddenly feel like making an omelette?
It's not the photo.  The thing is ugly !!
What are they going to call it - ZunePad?
New Posts  All Forums: