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Perhaps you are being too harsh.  It is a PR fiasco, certainly.  What we need is a full explanation from Tim Cook.  
This is interesting.  I was under the impression (clearly false) that the rMBP did not get an EPEAT rating and therefore Apple pulled everything.  That means Apple must be afraid that a future product will not get an EPEAT rating.  I wonder which product.
  I saw this item on the Fed Govt. rethinking buying Apple products.   http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0712/78442.html   Mansfield has not left yet.  So, can't be just the new guy.  Besides others in senior mgmnt. must have approved this.  This is too big a decision.  That said, they must have weighed the pros and cons before deciding to cancel EPEAT.  Still, better to admit that it was a mistake and backtrack now instead of later.  The question is what are they...
You can say that again.   Is Mansfield taking the blame for this mistake? He is retiring after all.   Was Apple's "about face" a result of the Federal Govt. announcing that it may not purchase products that are "not EPEAT."   Somebody did not think this through.
Samsung won a stay on the injunction against the Galaxy Nexus.  I guess that is why it is back for sale on Google Play.
  Not necessarily.   Apple could price the iPod touch, the iPad mini, and the iPad as follows:   iPod touch:  no more 8GB, 16GB - $199, 32GB - $299, 64GB - $399 iPad mini:                           8GB - $199, 16GB - $299, 32GB - $399 the new iPad:                                        16GB - $499, 32GB - $599, 64GB - $699   Going from the iPod touch to the iPad mini, you would get a bigger screen but less flash memory at the same price.  This is just hypothetical, of...
  You can say what you want.  Your opinions have always been worthless.
  WRONG !!   Feature phones are not completely worthless.  If you want your child to have a phone without the expensive data plan, you give him or her a feature phone.  Data charges can get very expensive if no limits are placed on usage.  Parents are always looking for a phone that they can give a child for making calls and sending messages (preferably through iMessage) but one that does not require a data plan.  Furthermore, feature phones are big in many foreign...
  7.85 inches in diameter?  A circular iPad?  That would be neat !
Just received my 15" high-end Retina last week.  So, "who you callin' too cheap, suckah'?"   Apple "needs" to do 13" Retina because the 13" low-end Pro is their most popular (as in highest volume seller) notebook.  When they introduce the 13" Retina, demand will go through the roof.  By comparison, they don't (and will not) sell that many iMacs.  Apple likes to make high volume selling products.   "The folks that buy a 13 inch notebook" will buy the 13" Retina for the...
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