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  ........a lot of thought?  Puh..leese..!!   During the last 4 years that "more" Apple big-wigs have left, do you know how many have been hired that are capable enough to become big-wigs?  Serlet left.  Federighi is now a big-wig.  Ron Johnson left.  Browett is a big-wig.  A certain amount of turnover in manpower is normal.  No need to ring the alarm bells !!   And, during the last 4 years that all your big-wigs have left, the stock has quadrupled.  Certainly, the rate...
    What a ridiculous thing to say!  How is this proof that Apple is faltering?  The guy wants to retire.  Could be any number of personal reasons.  Did Apple falter when Serlet left?  Federighi took over just fine.  Or, how about Ron Johnson?  Apple has a deep bench of capable engineers and managers.   It's irritating when people post without thinking.
The "evil" has landed.  iOS will never be the same again.
You really crack me up !!   Why do I suddenly feel like making an omelette?
It's not the photo.  The thing is ugly !!
What are they going to call it - ZunePad?
This from Apple's website:   Dual display and video mirroring: Simultaneously supports full native resolution on the built-in display and up to 2560 by 1600 pixels on up to two external displays, at millions of colors.
This is going to get interesting.  Clearly, Apple will do away with the old-style 13 MBP at some point.  But, what about the 13 Air?  Can Apple have both the 13 Air and 13 Retina in the product line?  I think the 13 Air will be gone before the old-style 13.  In this case, I am guessing Schiller will follow the same specs and pricing strategy for the 13 Retinas as the 13 Airs.  So, two models with same processors as the old-style 13 MBPs, no discrete graphics.  Lower...
Well, Steve said that he wanted to "reinvent" the digital photography market.  I bet Apple will do something unique here.    1) A digital camera that is an accessory of the iPhone.  Connects to it and allows high-quality pictures that are then sent to iCloud via the phone.  Has a bigger sensor, zoom lens (or interchangeable lenses), built-in filters, adjustable shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.  Like current mirrorless cameras, but with iPhone connectivity so that...
Actually, Apple has lowered the RAM upgrade prices on the old-style 13 and 15 MBPs as well.  Upgrade to 8GB from 4GB is now $100.  It used to be $200.  The old-style MBP's can be upgraded to 16GB if you want, although Apple does not say that 16GB is supported and it is not a BTO option.
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