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Rumor is that T-Mobile will announce next week that AT&T customers who come to T-Mo will get their early termination fee refunded if they trade in their phone.   AT&T is just fighting back.   If you bring your own phones, for a family of four:   T-Mo costs $100 plus tax with 500MB data each (not shared), and AT&T costs $155 plus tax with shared 2GB data on their Mobile Share Value Plan.   The way I see it, AT&T will have to lower prices to compete.
New Retina Macbook Pros are pretty much given.  Haswell will certainly boost battery life. Plus PCIe flash and faster WiFi to make them current with the technologies employed in the Macbook Air.   What I wonder is whether Apple will rationalize the product line.  Will they drop at least some of the old Macbook Pros even if they keep the low-end 13?  Will they add Fusion drive?  The Mac mini and the iMac have the Fusion drive, but the Macbook Pro does not.  Would love to...
Doesn't the iPad mini have the same pixel count as the iPad 2?   If Apple were to introduce a Retina iPad mini, I assume it would have the same pixel count as the bigger Retina iPad. This means a higher resolution screen for the mini.  I wonder if such screens are available and what they would cost Apple.   Anybody have any knowledge about this?  Please share.
Way to go, Tim.   Can he deliver, or can he deliver?
My guess is iWork will be free fairly soon for all Apple devices, iOs and OS X.  With iCloud integration, I may ditch MS Office.   Don't use Google products. Don't trust Google.  
Anybody know what song it is - the very first one?
 Misek is a moron with a lousy track record.  He has always been negative on AAPL.  Probably in the pocket of the shorts.
  The Three Stooges - Larry, Eric, and Sergei - are getting ready to jump out the window !! 
  Somebody, knock some sense into Tim Cook.
I think the rMBP will be updated with Haswell in the next few weeks.  Apple just wanted to give the Macbook Air a head start.
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