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My guess is iWork will be free fairly soon for all Apple devices, iOs and OS X.  With iCloud integration, I may ditch MS Office.   Don't use Google products. Don't trust Google.  
Anybody know what song it is - the very first one?
 Misek is a moron with a lousy track record.  He has always been negative on AAPL.  Probably in the pocket of the shorts.
  The Three Stooges - Larry, Eric, and Sergei - are getting ready to jump out the window !! 
  Somebody, knock some sense into Tim Cook.
I think the rMBP will be updated with Haswell in the next few weeks.  Apple just wanted to give the Macbook Air a head start.
  Where you been, Tally?  Apple has been warring with Google ever since SJ heard about Android and declared to wage a "thermonuclear..."  
President Obama should veto the ruling.  Send a message to Samsung, and the traitor Google.....
I meant "as a BTO."  Nothing wrong with SSD only, if that is what you need and are willing to pay the higher price.  AnandTech did a review of the Fusion Drive, and concluded that 256GB SSD in a Fusion Drive would work very well for many Pro users.
New Posts  All Forums: