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Way to go, Tim.   Can he deliver, or can he deliver?
My guess is iWork will be free fairly soon for all Apple devices, iOs and OS X.  With iCloud integration, I may ditch MS Office.   Don't use Google products. Don't trust Google.  
Anybody know what song it is - the very first one?
 Misek is a moron with a lousy track record.  He has always been negative on AAPL.  Probably in the pocket of the shorts.
  The Three Stooges - Larry, Eric, and Sergei - are getting ready to jump out the window !! 
  Somebody, knock some sense into Tim Cook.
I think the rMBP will be updated with Haswell in the next few weeks.  Apple just wanted to give the Macbook Air a head start.
  Where you been, Tally?  Apple has been warring with Google ever since SJ heard about Android and declared to wage a "thermonuclear..."  
President Obama should veto the ruling.  Send a message to Samsung, and the traitor Google.....
New Posts  All Forums: