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  Where you been, Tally?  Apple has been warring with Google ever since SJ heard about Android and declared to wage a "thermonuclear..."  
President Obama should veto the ruling.  Send a message to Samsung, and the traitor Google.....
I meant "as a BTO."  Nothing wrong with SSD only, if that is what you need and are willing to pay the higher price.  AnandTech did a review of the Fusion Drive, and concluded that 256GB SSD in a Fusion Drive would work very well for many Pro users.
I hope we see the Fusion Drive in the Macbook Pros, either rMBP, or MBP, or both.  At some point, I hope Apple also offers a Fusion Drive with 256GB SSD in addition to the current one with 128GB SSD.
  There is no glass on MBA right now because of the added weight.  A thinner aluminum bezel would be nice.
They have been talking about presence in China Mobile for a few years already.  What is taking so long?  I think it will not happen.
I don't get it.  Why is it difficult to make good 5" screen phones?
I have never seen so much pessimism about a company right before earnings.  Having sold all my AAPL higher, I bought some back today.  Will buy more tomorrow.  I expect $500 at least very soon.  Gotta have faith in Tim Cook and other managers.  They are the best in the business.  Wall Street is stupid.
Brian W. of Topeka is nuts.
New Posts  All Forums: