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I think the rMBP will be updated with Haswell in the next few weeks.  Apple just wanted to give the Macbook Air a head start.
  Where you been, Tally?  Apple has been warring with Google ever since SJ heard about Android and declared to wage a "thermonuclear..."  
President Obama should veto the ruling.  Send a message to Samsung, and the traitor Google.....
I meant "as a BTO."  Nothing wrong with SSD only, if that is what you need and are willing to pay the higher price.  AnandTech did a review of the Fusion Drive, and concluded that 256GB SSD in a Fusion Drive would work very well for many Pro users.
I hope we see the Fusion Drive in the Macbook Pros, either rMBP, or MBP, or both.  At some point, I hope Apple also offers a Fusion Drive with 256GB SSD in addition to the current one with 128GB SSD.
  There is no glass on MBA right now because of the added weight.  A thinner aluminum bezel would be nice.
They have been talking about presence in China Mobile for a few years already.  What is taking so long?  I think it will not happen.
I don't get it.  Why is it difficult to make good 5" screen phones?
I have never seen so much pessimism about a company right before earnings.  Having sold all my AAPL higher, I bought some back today.  Will buy more tomorrow.  I expect $500 at least very soon.  Gotta have faith in Tim Cook and other managers.  They are the best in the business.  Wall Street is stupid.
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