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I have 3 white iMacs (two 24" and one 20") in my house. If Apple starts making iMacs with anti-glare screens again, I will be happy to spend the money to replace my white ones. Are you listening, Apple? Love my 2 24" white ones. Wish they could access 8GB of RAM. All they need is an EFI firmware update.
No, we don't. All I saw in the picture with Obama and others was the back of his head.
I hope Steve doesn't make an appearance. If he does, and he looks "gaunt," everybody will start wondering about his condition. And, it will seem as if the rest of management is not capable of handling things in his absence. People will start asking if he is ready to come back full time. He should make an appearance if and only if he does not need to be on "medical leave."
That's what Ebay is for. A well-kept MacBook Pro that is just a generation old will fetch a fairly decent price on Ebay. Only you can decide if it is worth selling your current MacBook Pro and pay some more $$ to get the new one.
Now, if only Apple were to come out with software to blow away Photoshop !!
Why "supposed to be until Thursday?" Apple has not said it will be Thursday. Thursday is just somebody's guess. I am guessing it will be Tuesday (or maybe Wednesday because of the US holiday on Monday). If the retailers are getting their stock today, would it not make sense for the announcement to be very soon after that? It is not like Apple to wait too long. Yup, 99% by Tuesday. 100% by Wednesday.
By SSD, I meant flash storage just like the MB Air which would not require much space. By getting rid of the Super-drive, there would be plenty of room to add flash. And make the Pros thinner, or add battery capacity, or both. They still need to be heavy enough to differentiate from the Airs.
Apple generally introduces new products on Tuesday. I expect that will happen this time. 1) Two 13-inchers: 64GB and 128GB SSD's + HDD. No Super-drive. 2) Two 15-inchers: 128GB and 256GB SSD's + HDD. No Super-drive. 3) One 17-incher: 512GB SSD + HDD + Super-drive. NAND flash cost is about $1 per GB. If the price of the 17-inch model goes up by $200, that could be due to additional 256GB of SSD capacity. In my opinion, the current MacBook Pro line does not have...
I had Verizon before. Their customer service was terrible. I felt ripped-off very often. I like AT&T's customer service. They are quick to give you credit for charges that you feel are unwarranted. I like the roll-over minutes too. You don't have to worry about overages. And, the $15 limited data plan is perfect for the 2 iPhones we have on the Family Plan. I have not had much of a problem with connectivity either.
Actually, it's 1/11/11 at 11 am.
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