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My iPad overheats when I leave it the oven.
Facetime with iPod touch? Don't need AT&T ? Save a lot of money?
California State Highway patrol officers caught several Google employees throwing their cellphones into the Pacific Ocean. When accosted by the officers, the men and women of Google sheepishly admitted that they hated their phones that were powered by Android. "All the Android Apps are so lame," said one young man who refused to give his name. Another young woman, who was visibly upset, said, "It is so hard to upgrade the OS on my phone. Why can't Eric just let us...
What a terrible thing to write. Bill Gates is a fantastic human being. He is doing wonderful things with his foundation. He deserves respect. He certainly has mine.
Out with Google search. In with Bing?
That would not be nice.
This update is not unexpected, and is quite minor. My guess is that we see it this Tuesday. A few years ago, Apple's MacBooks had Intel GMA 950 for integrated graphics. Then, Intel GMA X3100, followed by Nvidia 9400M, and now it is Nvidia 320M in the latest 13" MacBook Pro. After Apple starts using a new integrated graphics chip in the 13" MacBook (or Pro), they update their other products, one after the other. Looks like the white MacBook will be next. I wonder...
I have said this many times and I will say it again. 1) The chances of Apple's iPhone appearing on Verizon are ZERO. It makes no strategic sense for Apple. 2) iPhone's exclusivity with AT&T is beneficial for both Apple and AT&T. Apple can persuade AT&T to do things (such as the sweet iPad data plan) that it cannot if AT&T did not have the exclusive. I am willing to bet that Apple plans to introduce (in a couple of years) an iPod touch 3G with the same sweet iPad 3G...
I think Apple will try to convince Intel to let Nvidia make chipsets for the Core i series of microprocessors. I see Apple's use of Intel HD integrated graphics as a temporary solution. Apple's discussions with AMD is a way to signal to Intel that Apple is not happy with the current Intel/Nvidia licensing situation.
I still use my 1st Gen. The data plan is $15 cheaper per month. I don't do a lot web surfing with it. So, I am happy with just EDGE. The design is a Classic. I may, however, upgrade to the next version.
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