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What form factor change were you expecting? It's darn near perfect. I don't think Apple will change the form factor for a long time. They have made the investment in the unibody design; now they will harvest the returns for many years. I am somewhat disappointed with the choice of Intel HD. I understand that Apple may have had no choice given the licensing issues between Intel and Nvidia. In practical terms, it may not matter.
No. Unless you can sell your 2.26 for more than you paid for it.
By Steve's calculator, $241-$209 = $300. His calculator made him a billionaire. We should all get one of those !!
Depends on what your needs are. But, if you don't know the difference between Core2Duo and Core i7 (the latter is much faster), then my guess is that the 13" 2.4Ghz should be good enough for you.
The low-end 13" is now "one-heck-of-a-deal." Why spend $300 more for the high-end 13", which essentially just gives you a slightly faster processor? (Getting the 320GB instead of the 250GB hard drive doesn't give you much; if the 250GB is not big enough, then better to spend about a $100 more and upgrade to a 500GB 7200rpm). I wish they had kept the low-end 15" with Core2Duo and Nvidia integrated chip. Although I want to get a 15", I am hesitating because of the Intel...
You are making too many assumptions. How exactly is the "state of the art" going to get better and better with each new Android phone? They will all be running the same OS, Android. Presumably, the latest version as offered by Google. If HTC offers a blue Android phone, and Motorola follows with a red Android phone, that's not the state of the art getting better, is it? So, how is this different from Apple upgrading the OS every year, along with a new "better"...
How many people do you think are willing to buy a new Android phone every few months?
Good god, man, you are drooling over Gmail and Google Calendar? You consider them revolutionary products? How much money is Google making on these? Google does a lot of "me-too" stuff and gives it away, hoping they will make some money on these some day. Hah !!
If open source meant success, the market share of Linux would have been more than Windows by now.
Google shareholders are not going to be happy, either. Ever since the introduction of the Nexus One, GOOG shares have been down a lot. In terms of sales, the Nexus One has been a flop !! Google is not a hardware company. Why are they bothering with developing hardware products? Google knows how to do desktop search. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that they know how to do anything else.
New Posts  All Forums: