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WOO HOO !!! Just got an email from Apple that my 64GB Wi-fi iPad has shipped for delivery by April 3rd. UPS tracking info shows "In-Transit" from Shenzen, China. Looks like they are shipping pre-orders from China, directly to buyers. That's why they have to ship a week before April 3. No word on my second (16GB) yet.
The key question is: How many can one person pre-order? I have a family of 6. And, everyone wants one.
What a crock !! Apple has every right to defend its patents. The iPhone, when introduced in 2007, was a revolutionary product that dramatically changed the cellphone industry. Now, Google/HTC want to rip-off Apple's intellectual property. All Apple is doing is protecting its property from being stolen. Without the use of patented features invented by Apple, Google's cellphone ambitions are dead in the water !!! Where do you get this nonsense about internal statistics?
Nah !! Palm's dead anyway. Why waste money on suing Palm? Apple wants to hobble Google and the Androidies. When Palm is on its last legs, Apple will just buy their patent portfolio. And bury Web OS.
How does this analyst know? It's just speculation. By publishing this report, the analyst helps his short hedge fund clients. AAPL is the most manipulated stock of them all.
Palm did so many things wrong. 1) Palm Pixi. Why? Should have stayed with just one model, the Pre. Didn't they know about economies of scale? And developed the SDK and App store earlier. 2) Should have partnered with somebody with deep pockets and market presence. Microsoft or Dell. 3) Should have gone with Verizon first. But, Verizon would have screwed them. Roger McNamee, what a fool, he !!
Gotta be soon. End of March is for beginning of iPad sales. Next Tuesday, perhaps.
Last Friday of the quarter. That's what Apple likes to do for new products.
There was a study done recently (and reported in the New York Times) that AT&T's network is better overall (except perhaps in NY city and San Fran) than Verizon's. And, AT&T's problems were partly because of the iPhone. Verizon has got everyone brainwashed as a result of their heavy advertising.
Somebody should tell this analyst that his 60-page report is worth less than a roll of toilet paper. Probability analysis ?? It's known as "Garbage in, garbage out." LOL. Steve will never deal with Verizon. When he first came to them for a deal, they turned him down. Now, it's "I'll destroy you, Verizon."
New Posts  All Forums: