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Who says Apple screwed up?  This looks like Apple is trying to appease a bully.  That never works.  Unfortunately, Apple is too China dependent.
Tim Cook's tone seems a little too apologetic.  This shows how dependent Apple is on China - for manufacturing and sales to end-users.  Not good.  This is just the beginning of more harassment by the Chinese.
Unfortunately, I think the Chinese will come back with something else to squeeze Apple.
Would you expect large numbers of BMW owners to switch to Chevrolet?   Then, why would you expect large numbers of iPhone users to switch to Samsung?
GOOG going to $1000.  I don't think so.  Analysts can put all kinds of outrageous targets.  It's not their money.  At 25 times earnings, the stock is way too rich.  Larry doing all these reorgs is not a good sign for near-term earnings.   Looks like investors are coming around to this point of view.  Stock is not acting well right now.
    Comment by 'commie pinkofag' on another blog.... "The ethics of "free" are dubious at best.  Google is at its core a pimp and its users are its whores.  It gives us spandex miniskirts, drug store makeup, and the occasionally black eye, and in return, we give it everything."
  It's not about culture.  It's about strategy.
Google may be getting ready to pull the plug on Android.   Stop further development of Android. Why let Samsung make most of the profits?  Milk as much revenue from the Android installed base as possible.    Develop a Chrome OS for the smartphones to be sold exclusively by Motorola.   Google/Samsung split is coming.
I dislike Google throughly (even more than I dislike Philip Morris).  Their business model is based on invading people's privacy.  They go out of their way to collect as much information about you as possible, so that they can target advertising to you.  Advertisers are willing to pay a lot for this.   But I can see why Wall Street likes Google, and why Google is a big threat to Apple.  Google is now getting into selling hardware at cost because they know they will...
      Yes, Charlie.  Einhorn won his lawsuit.  The judge granted an injunction that Einhorn wanted to prevent bundling of proposals for the purposes of a proxy vote.  That's it.  There is no hearing scheduled.  Apple will either have to reprint the proxy materials (I don't think there is time for that), in effect "unbundling" the proposals, or bring the three proposals up for separate votes at the next annual meeting.   So, for the time being, Einhorn got what he wanted....
New Posts  All Forums: