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Brian W. of Topeka is nuts.
Apple's retail strategy was successful because of Steve's vision, and the fact that Apple had some of the most desirable products which made people want to go to an Apple store to check them out and then buy them.  Ron was just at the right place at the right time and got some of the credit for Apple's retail success.   Ron's JC Penney concept made no sense from the beginning. There was nothing to draw people to a JC Penney store.   Bringing Ron back to Apple would be a...
On T-Mobile, the phone prices are:   1) iPhone 5 16 GB = $580   2) Blackberry Z10 = $532   3) Galaxy Note II = $680 (current promo = $640)   4) Galaxy S III 16GB = $550   5) Nexus 4 = $458 (The Nexus 4 16GB is $349 directly from Google).  Nexus 4 has no LTE.  So, can't really compare.   These are the prices of every manufacturer's high-end phones whether you pay all at once or over 24 months.  There are many cheaper Android and Windows phones, but...
There is a difference.  Steve gave away free bumpers to make American consumers happy.  And he pointed about that the issue with iPhone 4 was not unique to iPhone 4.  Other phones had the same problem.   Warranty changes in China are being made to placate somebody in the Chinese government.  And, it looks like Tim is agreeing to be bullied.  Of course, he has no choice because he doesn't want the Chinese govt. to screw up Apple's manufacturing there.  And sales.
Who says Apple screwed up?  This looks like Apple is trying to appease a bully.  That never works.  Unfortunately, Apple is too China dependent.
Tim Cook's tone seems a little too apologetic.  This shows how dependent Apple is on China - for manufacturing and sales to end-users.  Not good.  This is just the beginning of more harassment by the Chinese.
Unfortunately, I think the Chinese will come back with something else to squeeze Apple.
Would you expect large numbers of BMW owners to switch to Chevrolet?   Then, why would you expect large numbers of iPhone users to switch to Samsung?
GOOG going to $1000.  I don't think so.  Analysts can put all kinds of outrageous targets.  It's not their money.  At 25 times earnings, the stock is way too rich.  Larry doing all these reorgs is not a good sign for near-term earnings.   Looks like investors are coming around to this point of view.  Stock is not acting well right now.
    Comment by 'commie pinkofag' on another blog.... "The ethics of "free" are dubious at best.  Google is at its core a pimp and its users are its whores.  It gives us spandex miniskirts, drug store makeup, and the occasionally black eye, and in return, we give it everything."
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