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  It's not about culture.  It's about strategy.
Google may be getting ready to pull the plug on Android.   Stop further development of Android. Why let Samsung make most of the profits?  Milk as much revenue from the Android installed base as possible.    Develop a Chrome OS for the smartphones to be sold exclusively by Motorola.   Google/Samsung split is coming.
I dislike Google throughly (even more than I dislike Philip Morris).  Their business model is based on invading people's privacy.  They go out of their way to collect as much information about you as possible, so that they can target advertising to you.  Advertisers are willing to pay a lot for this.   But I can see why Wall Street likes Google, and why Google is a big threat to Apple.  Google is now getting into selling hardware at cost because they know they will...
      Yes, Charlie.  Einhorn won his lawsuit.  The judge granted an injunction that Einhorn wanted to prevent bundling of proposals for the purposes of a proxy vote.  That's it.  There is no hearing scheduled.  Apple will either have to reprint the proxy materials (I don't think there is time for that), in effect "unbundling" the proposals, or bring the three proposals up for separate votes at the next annual meeting.   So, for the time being, Einhorn got what he wanted....
Einhorn won his lawsuit. Fine. But, is he getting his iPrefs? No way.   What is going to happen is that Apple will:   a) increase dividend, or b) increase share buyback, or c) a combination of both.   I am betting that they will do a combination of both.  Increasing dividend will provide some support to the stock as yield will increase.  They can announce a big additional share buyback, but they can take their time repurchasing shares.  It gives them...
  The whole iPrefs idea is stupid.  There is no such thing as unlocking value through "financial engineering."  You cannot restructure the liability side of the balance sheet and increase the value of the company.   Apple's balance sheet is strong, pristine, and uncomplicated.  That's the way I like it.  The liability side has only Equity and Cash.  Don't need no stupid preferreds.    Apple is trading where it is because the the entire Wall Street "herd" has come to the...
Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like they have cut SSD prices across the board.  For all MBPs and MBAs.
Very, very smart.  There are many who will buy the most storage capacity available, even if they never use all of it.  Apple must have done their analysis to figure out the demand for this.   Could also be the first step towards rationalizing the product line.  Retina mini iPad with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.  Retina big iPad with 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB.  Or, something like that.  Kind of like the Macbook Pro line.
I believe Boot Camp does not (yet) work on the 3TB Fusion Drive (just the 1TB Fusion Drive).  Don't know if Apple will fix this in the future.
Amazon has cut prices to match Best Buy (except for the 11" 64GB, as of now).   By now, Apple must have been able to reduce production costs substantially, so that reducing prices may not impact gross margins.  If sales go up as a result, then that is good.  Also, Apple may be getting ready for a restructuring of the Macbook product line. The retina prices need to come down.
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