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  And lower price with 512GB.  Could be a long wait.....
  Agreed.  256GB flash is bare minimum, although I would not buy without 512GB.  A 256GB 13" rMBP is $1,999.  For $200 more, the 15" rMBP is a better value.  You get quad-core processor and discrete graphics.   After the initial surge, Apple will not be selling many 13" rMBP's.
  Definitely will be discontinued.  The iPad 2 is a placeholder for the smaller iPad.  And, as has been conjectured, the smaller iPad will run iPad 2 software unchanged - just on a smaller screen with the same pixel count.
  Just repeating what Gruber said 2 days ago.   http://daringfireball.net/2012/10/ipad_questions_and_answers
  You are not making any sense, Tally !!  Doing this won't do what ??   Why will pre-Lightning purchasers be upset?  Has Apple ever said that they will update iPads after 12 months and not a day earlier?  Besides, this could turn out a minor update - just the connector and nothing else?  Not a big update.   Furthermore, Apple may have decided that refreshing the line of iPads just before Christmas is better for overall sales.
  The day you have been waiting for will finally be here, Tally !!  Your dream gadget, the iPad mini !!
  That is integrated graphics (like the Intel HD 4000 in the current 13").
I agree about no two Thunderbolt ports.  There have to be reasons to get 15" instead of the 13" rMBP.   Other questions:   1) Discrete graphics? I would say no since 13" never had discrete graphics.  But, will it have enough power to drive the retina display? 2) 16GB RAM BTO? I hope so. 3) Minimum SSD? I hope it is 256GB at $1,499 price point. 4) Maximum SSD? I hope it is 768GB.  But, to encourage upsell to 15" rMBP, they may limit the max to 512GB. 5) Will all 3 lines...
Just maybe, just maybe, you will not have to eat your hat, Tally !!
It just occurred to me.     Al Gore (advisor to Google and Apple Board member) must have told Larry Page to "knock it off."
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