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I agree about no two Thunderbolt ports.  There have to be reasons to get 15" instead of the 13" rMBP.   Other questions:   1) Discrete graphics? I would say no since 13" never had discrete graphics.  But, will it have enough power to drive the retina display? 2) 16GB RAM BTO? I hope so. 3) Minimum SSD? I hope it is 256GB at $1,499 price point. 4) Maximum SSD? I hope it is 768GB.  But, to encourage upsell to 15" rMBP, they may limit the max to 512GB. 5) Will all 3 lines...
Just maybe, just maybe, you will not have to eat your hat, Tally !!
It just occurred to me.     Al Gore (advisor to Google and Apple Board member) must have told Larry Page to "knock it off."
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  I take it that you're not married. 
This is funny. http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/borowitzreport/2012/09/apple-advises-maps-users-not-to-go-anywhere.html?mbid=nl_Borowitz%20(27)
Google's stupidity is exceeded only by Google's stupidity. They will lose money on every unit but make it up on volume.
  Well, duh!!  Try walking around for a few days with your Mac Pro in your pocket with a bunch of keys, and then tell us if "it's like the day out of the box."  
    Is this the iPhone you are looking for?    
  The iPad 2 is a placeholder for the iPad mini.  My guess is that it gets replaced with the iPad mini - 8GB at $299 and 16GB at $349 or $399.  Same price points as the new iPod touch, but one-fourth the flash memory.  Probably will be introduced at a small event on Apple's campus (long with the 13" Macbook Retina and new iMac).
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