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Time to eat your hat is coming up, Tally boy !!   What is it going to be? A beret, a stetson, a fedora, a sombrero, a deerstalker, or a beanie?  Let us know which one you are planning to eat, OK?
  Before initiating the lawsuits, Jobs went to Samsung and requested that they stop copying Apple's designs.  Samsung refused.  Apple has offered to license at least some of its patents to Samsung.  Samsung has said no.  Apple has taken the high road.  But, you cannot expect them to roll over and play dead when their intellectual property is being stolen.   I have a high regard for Horace Deidu, but suing your competitor for IP infringements is a perfectly good business...
What about Google?  I think it should be forced to pay at least some part of the damages that Samsung will have to pay.
This is bad news for the carriers, too.  They will not be able to force a subsidy cut on Apple if the Android phones become weaker.
Agreed +++
Then you must be blind...
The thermonuclear war against Android has just begun.
And Google down about $10.   Love to see Apple wipe the smirk of Larry (The Rat) Page's face.
There is a big market for a "messaging" Apple phone.  No data plan required.  The carriers here in the U.S. are colluding (I'm looking at you, AT&T and Verizon !!) to raise prices via these ridiculous "shared data" plans.  Have you seen their current offerings of messaging phones?  A bunch of crappy phones.  The selection used to be better.  The carriers want everyone, including kids on family plans, to move to smartphones, so they can increase what each family pays per...
Expect Apple to leak a few more details about the iPad mini the day after the Amazon event.  Just to make people wait and not buy whatever new Kindles Amazon announces.  They did just that after the Nexus 7 was announced.   Read http://daringfireball.net/2012/08/ipad_mini_even_througher#fn1-2012-08-14   From this piece:   The reviews of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet started coming out the first week of July, and they were almost universally positive. The Nexus 7 is without...
New Posts  All Forums: