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They don't dare to decide (and announce) the price of this Dell product before Apple reveals the new iPhone with its price.
nice but it would focus the attention to Gizmodo again. Besides, they shouldn't make fun of something that's being investigated by the police.
...and one more thing. The phone was in a case with that actually didn't look any different from the existing iPhones, I mean, at least from as far as you can't recognize the front camera. So, in a black plastic cover, taking it to public place, there was hardly anything of the secrecy visible. Because the OS that can be different from your iPhone also exists in beta outside. In this new phone, what was secret: - the design that was covered - the new parts inside, that...
Gizmodo shouldn't publish pictures of the phone, they misunderstand the freedom of Speech. As many other journalists think anything they got in their hands can be published, personal information, like the name of the engineer. It doesn't matter they were showing "kindness" to give it back to Apple after having published the story. Whether it was stolen of lost, paid $?000 for it or not, and from who... actually, this could only be context of a story but not the pictures...
I really don't care about whether it was lost or stolen, and don't care about the different shape, I just don't see it authentic that someone gets a product and doesn't turn it on. Doesn't record a video when using this "prototype". If it wasn't fake, the publishers would be in danger, and they know that, as much as they may know that it's fake, or just one of the many different prototype concept that just doesn't mean anything about the next gen. iPhone. It could even be...
I could agree with you if the iPad hadn't different size. But the fact is that in this case developers will have to either ignore the benefits of the extra pixels for the iPhone and focus only on 2 sizes (1024x768, 480x320) or produce their apps for 3 res. because they can't risk ignoring the older-iPhone users. (We all know why Apple chose the res for iPad, 'cause it's still the most common presentation resolution.)
I doubt this resolution rumor. Imagine, when finally developers get ready adapting their programs for the res. of the iPad, then they should start again for a new iPhone?
and what about testing Samsung smartphones?
AI, why didn't you post at least a photo of him?
hello? iPad is not a phone! these two gadgets (iPad and NexusOne) have only one similarity: mobile internet. so what?
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