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mac sales up is because of iMac shipments that were delayed from previous months.
he was not the only person...and nowhere in the article? excuse me? a photo with its caption edited in an article is what? is it a google ad? are you sure? doesn't Watermark on a picture say the originality of the source and the rights for that site?so when iFixit posts a photo with its watermark, for you it means a mock-up? very funny
"An unannounced version of the Mac mini has been spotted with an HDMI connector instead of a DVI." they say: has been spotted they didn't say it's just illustration.
you don't need more proof than watching your LCD screen from different angle, then you can clearly see the darker gray background around tha HDMI input. It's because different Color profile setups in Photoshop can misslead your eyes when you do a fake pict like that one, you think you see the same color but it's just not the same.
wait, IPS could be a disadvantage on the iPhone. Wide viewing angle isn't welcome for many phone-users due to privacy issues.
oh, you guys mean the 1 billion as R&D investment of the whole iPad project over years? that's much more believable than saying that delevoping the custom A4 ARM chip costed that much.
why would it cost 1billion? this article just didn't give me any explanation.
it's really terrible. Why would you dock it during watching video? and if it's for charging the battery, why couldn't you simply connect it with a cable? I don't charge my iPod nano with dock either.
tell me about how long the battery lasts watching movie on that EeePC?
so, you think people buy a song because someone tells them it's good? do you buy a song without listening to it when you even have the chance, a very easy way to play one part of the music before purchasing it?
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